Vandebergh - Smeets

About us




Our office

Our office guarantees a specialized judicial service.

Wij exclusively handle all aspects of tax cases.

We are a team of experienced and dynamic lawyers supported by an enthusiastic administrative staff.

A personal approach as well as direct communication with the client combined with an experience of many years guarantees reliable judicial counseling and high-quality assistance when handling your legal procedures.

We offer our services to private persons, companies, non-profit organizations as well as public authorities.


Our services

  • Direct taxes (private taxes – corporate taxes, …)
  • VAT
  • Customs and excise duties
  • Registration fees
  • Inheritance taxes
  • Regional, provincial and municipal taxes
  • Environmental taxes
  • Criminal Tax Law
  • Laundry Legislation
  • Capital planning
  • Foreign Assets Regularization
  • Corporate Law

Our team

Henri Vandebergh (lawyer)

  • Born in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium on July 2, 1952.
  • Founding partner since 1981.


Frank Smeets (lawyer)

  • Born in Neerpelt, Belgium on 16 november 1962.
  • business relation since 1990.


Nicole Reynders (secretary/administration)

  • Born in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium on 24 july 1959
  • operate in bookkeeping accounting since 2005











The way we operate:


  • At first, we make an objective analysis of your case.
  • If possible, any disputes are avoided or settled through consultation with the administration.
  • Before initiating a legal procedure, we make a cost-benefit analysis in mutual consultation with the client, his accountant or his fiscal counsellor.